Subscription Rates

Subscription charges 2018-2019 (1st August 2018 to 31st July 2019)

CategoryAnnual Subscription
Full Playing£1,200.00
Full Playing Discount over 80 & member for over 10 yrs
5-Day Excludes weekends and bank holidays£1,090.00
Yound Adult 19 - 21 years£295.00
Intermediate 22 -24 years£375.00
Intermediate 25 - 27 years£575.00
Intermediate 28 - 30 years£725.00
Intermediate 31 - 32 years£825.00
Intermediate 33 - 34 years£975.00
Intermediate 35 years£ 1,075.00
Country residence over 30 miles away
£ 635.00
Overseas Plus £100 p.m. for 3 mths then £200 p.m. thereafter£185.00
Flexible For 12 mths to include £150 charge & £420 credits£570.00
Juniors 14 years and under£65.00
Juniors 14 years and under (children/grand children of playing members)£0.00
Juniors 15-18 years£160.00
Dining Club Group intermittent usage of Dining Room£40.00
Extra OptionsAnnual Charge
Locker Rental (golf clubs)£45.00
Locker Rental (holdall or handbag)£18.00
Trolley Storage (battery charging shed)£70.00
Trolley Storage (pull trolley)£15.00
Buggy Storage (4-wheel electric)£330.00
Buggy Storage (4-wheel petrol)£240.00
Buggy Storage (3-wheel electric)£115.00
Clubcard Levy 
Full, Five-day, Overseas and Non-playing Members£60.00
Intermediate, Country, Flexible and Non-playing partners£30.00
Affiliation Fees 
Men - England Golf & Sussex County Golf Union£14.50
Ladies - England Golf & Sussex County Ladies Golf Association£14.25


Monthly Payments

  • Playing subscriptions can be paid monthly through the 'Fairway Credit' scheme. Full details are available on request
  • Subscriptions only – all other charges payable in full by renewal date Must be notified to the office by 1st August
  • New members joining part way through our membership year will be charged the pro rata rate