Dress Code

Dress Code

“Cooden Beach Golf Club operates a contemporary and forward-thinking dress code policy and trusts its members and visitors to maintain a good standard of dress at all times on and off the golf course”

·        On the golf course, recognised golfing attire must be worn in an appropriate manner. Tee shirts, cargo shorts, track suits, jeans and trainers are not acceptable golfing attire.

·        In the Clubhouse, golf and smart casual attire may be worn in the clubhouse including smart jeans. Smart jeans must be clean, not be frayed or torn. Hats must be removed. Clean soft spike golf shoes, smart trainers, sandals and deck shoes are allowed but no rubber beach style flip-flops please.  

·        General note, the standard of dress may be altered from time to time to be appropriate for the event taking place. Any alterations to the dress code will be notified to the members by the club office.

Updated November 2020 by The General Committee