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Hole One

Par 4,Yards 455,Stroke 4

Hole One

Par 4, Yards 455, Stroke Index 4

Course Guide

This is certainly a challenging opening hole made especially demanding against a prevailing south-westerly wind though considerably easier with a following easterly. Whilst the old yellow tee (mainly used in the winter months) provides a straight hit at the hole the main white and yellow tee blocks are set at an angle turning it into a gentle dogleg.

A good drive is essential here to have any chance of reaching the green in two but there is ample space on the right to accommodate a wayward tee shot but anything left can leave the green blocked out by the trees. The cross bunkers remain a feature of the hole but there are three other well sited bunkers to negotiate with the right-hand greenside trap frequently acting as a magnet. The green though is generally flat and putts well and while a par 4 is most satisfying, most are more than content with a 5.